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Lower Cholesterol Naturally

There are numerous medications on the market today, but for many individuals it is possible to lower cholesterol naturally rather than with drugs. Currently more than 60% of adults over the age of 45 suffer some form of heart or blood related issues, including high cholesterol. To ensure this does not lead to a shorter life or a poorer quality of life, the following steps can be taken:

Regular Exercise

The use of regular exercise to lower cholesterol naturally has been supported for decades as an effective alternative to pharmaceuticals. Something as simple as walking 30 minutes a night can significantly reduce cholesterol levels in the adult body while 30 minutes of full aerobic exercise 3-4 times a week is ideal for the optimum reduction in LDL and HDL levels.

Low Fat Diet

In conjunction with regular exercise, a low fat diet that contains less than 30% fat with as close to zero saturated fats as possible can help lower cholesterol naturally. Reading labels to ensure you receive the most accurate information as well is recommended as many labels are intentionally misleading. Anything pre-packaged, frozen foods, non-skim dairy products, and red meats, along with any high fat snacks or junk foods are all considered bad additions to a diet designed to reduce cholesterol.

Adding the Right Foods

Foods that are high in fiber, contain lots of garlic, fish oil, or soy, or that are rich in whole grains are considered highly effective in both stopping the effects of high cholesterol and reducing your existing levels. Fresh fruits and vegetables, beans, and whole grains are all good sources of these foods and should be integrated into a lower cholesterol diet as much as possible.


Supplements can be added to help lower cholesterol naturally. To boost fiber and fatty acid intake, supplements such as Omega-3 in flax seed oil or fish oil along with garlic extracts have been shown to significantly lower cholesterol naturally and without any side effects. Found over the counter in any drug store or natural health store, these supplements are easy to take or mix in with food for significant benefits to a low cholesterol diet.

When trying to lower cholesterol naturally, the best route is to ensure that the body gets the proper diet, the right intake of supplements, and enough exercise. Only with the right combination of all three can cholesterol be efficiently reduced.

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Vasacor 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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